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Unlocking new Investment Opportunities

Buying a home to rent out is different from purchasing a primary residence. With Omega Financial Services, securing an investment property mortgage is straightforward if you meet the requirements. Understanding your mortgage options and their implications is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

When buying a rental property, lenders perceive an additional layer of risk compared to purchasing a home for personal use. However, with the right mortgage, you can navigate these complexities and make your investment work for you. Omega Financial Services offers various mortgage options tailored to the needs of property investors.

Fixed-Term Mortgage

Your interest rate remains unchanged for a set period, providing consistency in your budget.

Floating Mortgage

The interest rate fluctuates based on the lender’s rate changes, offering flexibility in prepayments.

Interest-Only Mortgage

This loan type requires you to pay only the interest for a certain period, with the principal amount due at the end of the term.

Key Benefits of Investment Properties?

Financial Flexibility

Various mortgage options allow you to choose a plan that aligns with your investment strategy and financial goals.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you prefer stability, flexibility, or lower initial payments, there’s a mortgage option to suit your needs.

Expert Guidance

Providing expert advice to help you understand the implications of each mortgage type and choose the best option for your investment property.

Budget Management

Maintain a stable budget, while floating mortgages offer opportunities for prepayment. Reducing initial cash outflow, aiding in efficient financial planning.

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