Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance

Protecting Your Financial Well-being During Difficult Times

Ensuring Financial Security in Times of Illness and Trauma

Trauma insurance, also known as critical illness insurance, offers peace of mind by providing a lump sum amount in the event of serious injury or critical illness. At Omega Financial Services, our Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance policy covers a wide range of medical conditions, ensuring you and your family are financially supported during recovery.

Trauma and critical illness insurance provides essential coverage for unexpected medical emergencies, offering financial support while you focus on your health and recovery.
Here's why our policy stands out:

Comprehensive Coverage

Our policy covers various illnesses such as heart conditions, stroke, cancer, major head injury, and more, ensuring you're protected against a wide range of medical conditions.

Flexible Coverage Options

You can include your children aged over one year in this policy, providing added peace of mind for your entire family.

Financial Support During Recovery

Receive a fixed sum for you and your family while you're under the recovery process and unable to work, ensuring financial stability during challenging times.

What We Cover?

We are committed to providing comprehensive Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance solutions to protect your financial well-being during difficult times.

Children's Trauma Benefits

Cover your children's illness and trauma under the policy, ensuring their well-being is also protected.

Worldwide Cover Benefits

Enjoy coverage wherever you are, providing peace of mind no matter where life takes you.

Return Home Benefits

Receive support for returning to New Zealand if you're out of the country during a medical emergency.

Severe Illness or Injury Coverage

Our policy covers severe conditions, even if they are not specifically mentioned in the policy terms.

Waiver of Premium

If you're unable to work due to disability, injury, or illness, the premium may be waived, ensuring your coverage remains intact.

Early Stage Cancer Coverage

Receive coverage for early-stage cancer conditions, providing financial support during diagnosis and treatment.

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