Total Permanent Disability Insurance

Ensuring Financial Security in Times of Permanent Disability

Protecting Your Financial Well-being during Total Permanent Disability

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) is a condition where a person is unable to work due to injury or illness, posing a significant financial threat. At Omega Financial Services, our Total Permanent Disability Insurance policy provides peace of mind by offering a lump-sum amount in the event of permanent disability, ensuring you and your family are financially supported during challenging times.

Our Total Permanent Disability Insurance policy is designed to provide financial stability and support in the event you become permanently disabled and are unable to return to work.

Maintain Your Lifestyle

Our policy helps you maintain your lifestyle even when you're unable to work due to permanent disability, ensuring you can focus on your recovery without worrying about financial strain.

Cover Medical Expenses

We cover your medical expenses, ensuring you have access to the care and treatment you need without additional financial stress.

Assistance with Debt Payments

Our policy helps you manage debt payments, including mortgage, ensuring you can keep up with financial obligations during difficult times.

What are The Key Benefits?

Financial & Legal Advice Benefits

Access financial and legal advice to help you navigate the complexities of your disability and financial planning.

Inflation Benefits

Increase your sum assured to maintain coverage against inflation, ensuring your policy keeps pace with rising costs.

Suspension of Premium

Hold your premium payments in adverse conditions, providing financial relief during times of financial hardship..

Waiting Period Waiver

After confirmation of permanent disability, the waiting period can be waived off, ensuring you receive benefits when you need them most.

Partial Permanent Disability

Receive a portion of the sum insured in the event of partial permanent disability, providing additional financial support.

Grief Support

Receive support during the grieving process, helping you and your family cope with the emotional challenges of permanent disability.

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