Medical & Private Health Insurance

Ensuring Timely and Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Health and Well-being

Medical or Private Health Insurance is essential for covering the costs of medical expenses and ensuring prompt access to healthcare services. At Omega Financial Services, our Medical and Private Health Insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage, providing peace of mind and financial security during medical emergencies.

Medical or Private Health Insurance is designed to alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses and provide timely access to healthcare services. With our policy, you can receive coverage for a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, ensuring you receive the care you need without delay.

Coverage for Children

Our policy is available for children from birth, ensuring their health and well-being are protected from an early age.

No Annual Limit for Surgery

There is no annual limit on the amount to be claimed for surgery, ensuring you receive the necessary medical care without financial constraints.

No Waiting Period in Private Hospitals

Avoid long waiting periods in the public healthcare system by starting your treatment at any private hospital of your choice across New Zealand.

What Medical / Private Health Insurance Covers?

Pre and Post Surgery Benefits

Receive coverage for pre and post-surgery expenses, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

Cancer Care Benefits

Access specialized care and treatment for cancer, ensuring comprehensive coverage for this critical illness.

Hospitalization and Testing Benefits

Receive coverage for hospitalization expenses and medical testing, ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Overseas Treatments

Receive coverage for overseas treatments, providing access to medical care outside of New Zealand if necessary.

Parents Grieving Benefits

Receive benefits in the event of your child's death, providing additional support during a tragic time.

Waiver of Premium on Death

Premium may be waived in the event of death, ensuring continued coverage for your loved ones.

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